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Kirsten Scheurer Branigan co-authored with Jessica Stein Allen: A Preview of Proposed EEOC Enforcement Guidance and Effects of #MeToo: Combatting workplace harassment with "fully resourced" complaint systems, independent investigations and a new approach to training, New Jersey Law Journal (March 2018)

Kirsten Scheurer Branigan spoke on panel entitled, Workplace Investigation Subcommittee, Dealing with a Dishonest Party with a Twist: Truth or Consequences at the ABA, Labor and Employment Section, ERR Committee 2018 Midwinter Meeting.

Kirsten Scheurer Branigan received a gubernatorial appointment to serve on the New Jersey Council on Diversity & Inclusion, which will focus on the important role of minority and women-owned businesses in New Jersey.

Kirsten Scheurer Branigan, Esq. spoke on complex and advanced issues in independent workplace/employment investigations at the ABA 8th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, Los Angeles, CA and at the ABA 7th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, New Orleans, LA.

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